Cosmetology Research Paper

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Kacie Bohanan The program of study I chose was cosmetology. Cosmetologist work with hairdressing, nail art, makeup, and basically anything having to do with beauty.To become a cosmetologist, you are required to train for 18-24 months. In cosmetology, you may be required to be “multi-skilled” and work with many options in beauty. You can work in small or large shops, and earn different wages for them. Some related areas are nail technician, a shampoo technician, and estheticians. A nail technician is a person who paints, files, and cuts finger nails and toe nails. A shampoo technician is someone who is in charge of shampooing and conditioning a clients hair. And a esthetician is someone who specializes in the beautification of human skin.
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These classes are all important to become a cosmetologist, and are necessary to be taken. But, it is also necessary to have a part-time job in high school, so I will be working as a babysitter. I will be payed around $10.00 an hour for the necessary time required.

The communal college I will attend will be Mayland Community College located in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. This college offers a cosmetology diploma program made up of 47 credit hours and classes including cosmetology concepts and salon courses. It also offers a cosmetology major as well as a diploma program and a certificate.

I will then go to Tennessee Technology Center at Newbern. It has a four out of five rating and has a one hundred percent acceptance rate. Your grade average has to be above a B-. The program costs less than