Criminal Justice Investigation Essay

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September 13, 2013
Criminal Justice/ Crime Scene Investigation

Crime in the United States has actually decreased over the last few decades even though most think that it has gotten worse. The field of Crime scene investigation is a very detail oriented career. There are a numerous amounts of procedures that you have to follow on a daily basis. Being alert and organized is a major part of being a part of this career. Although Crime scene investigation is becoming increasingly popular though TV shows, the schooling you need is extensive along with the experience required just to get started. Crime Scene Investigation is seen on all kinds of TV shows. Shows like CSI and Law and Order have opened up this particular career to people. Even though the TV shows are very exciting to watch, they do little to explain and show the exact amount of work and time it takes just to solve a case. Working long hours and doing an extensive sweep of the crime scene are just a few of the important duties of this career. There are lot of people who watch these shows and are expecting the career and job to be as easy as it seems on TV, but soon realize that this is not what they want and tend to not go forward in this career. When thinking about the school requirements for this career you do not think that it requires more than a few years for a bachelor’s degree. With the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, you will also need either a bachelor in Forensic Science or a bachelor n Chemistry or Biology. In some cases in rural areas, the police department may hire a new investigator with no more than a High School Diploma. When this happens, the new hire will have to shadow a more experienced investigator until able to work dependently (Forest Time, Demand Media 2013). Having a degree in criminal justice and some sort of science is essential to have and also puts you ahead of the game. The salary for this field varies with the state and city you are trying to get a job in. The annual salary from May 2011 for forensic investigators income is around $55,660 (Forest Time, Demand Media 2013). Now the few federal employees usually earn twice as much annually. When it comes to having a chance at this career, having the appropriate schooling will give you a better chance as there is a fierce competition for jobs in this field. To advance in this career is just like any other career; you have to show how reliable you are along with how well you know your job. You have to have at least 3 to 5 years’ experience in the field along with the appropriate degrees. Some of the characteristics for a CSI is you