Critical Thinking and Active Listening Essay

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Module Four: Text Questions
Review Questions
1. What is positive parenting? ( A positive parent is a parent that cares for you no matter what you go through or what you do , also a positive parent is someone who makes you feel good in the inside and believe that you can make it somewhere In life . ) 2. What is discipline? (How does it differ from punishment? Discipline is when you tell the child not to do something anymore so that they won’t make the mistake anymore.)

3. What is active listening? Why is it used by parents? Active listening to parents are a communication skill that can bring good connection and gives understanding , and if you look down below you will see a child giving her mother active listening .

4. What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? (Guidance is like leading someone in the right path, like say a child doesn’t know what 6 times 6 is and your child is in the 6th grade, all you have to do is work with your child on it, and then she can use that help for the rest of her life time.)

5. Where can families and parents find support and resources? (They can go a to a guidance place that’s local, and will help you with what you need & you can go to a county service. It’s a lot of places families can go for help and answers. )

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting? (Consequences are an important for children because what if the child grows up doing something bad that he has been doing ever since he was little. Like you need to break your children out of that stuff so having consequences would be good.)

2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive communication with babies and young children? ( So when their child gets older the