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A critical evaluation of the Looking at the factors affecting conflict in organization: an understudy leading to a conceptual model (Cotae and Montemayor, 2012)
The title of this article is Looking at the Factors Affecting Conflict in Organization: An Understudy Leading to a Conceptual Model. It is the joint effort by Frank Cotae and Halia Valladares Montemayor which is published in International Journal of Business and Management Studies. The authors aim to find out the major factors which can affect conflict in organization by employing the method of analyzing and drawing conclusions. The key findings in this article are that three major factors can lead to the conflict in organization. This essay will analyze the three most evident flaws of this article and give suggestions for improvement.
The First Flaw
The first flaw is that this article aims to provide a general framework to the readers; however, this goal has not been reached quite well since there are many examples which are quite specific. The authors propose that workplace safety is an important factor and they argue that the staff of mining operations is featured by high level of conflicts between the employee and the firms (Cotae and Montemayor, 2012: 36). However, this example is a bit specific which is not applicable to many other professions. Consequently, this article can not be comprehensive enough and may have limited implications. When talking about the environmental and external factors, the authors refer to the business which shows environmentally sustainable and community-minded process and argue that this kind of business can mediate conflict. (Cotae & Montemayor 2012: 40). It is evident that not all business is concerned about this kind of process, hence, it is specific business. These examples in this article have limitations, and do not representative. what does Rex looks like
The Second Flaw
The second flaw is that this article is intended to resolve the employee related conflicts originally, The aim of article is that analysis every factors and establish a framework which can be appropriate for each organization (Cotae & Montemayor 2012: 33). however, only the main causes of the employee related conflicts have been given and analyzed in it. This article does not give any useful and effective suggestions or solutions to this issue which can weaken the usefulness and practical applicability of this essay. It is beneficial and useful for the corporation if effective and proper solutions can be listed. .

The Third Flaw
Another important flaw that needs to be pointed out is that some points or arguments in the article are a lack of powerful and enough supports.…