Essay about Critical Thinking and Positive- Conflict

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Ch. 17.1 Unit 2 leadership and teamwork

Ahijah Phillips 3rd per. 9-24-12
Key terms:
Conflict-The struggle between people with opposing needs.
Interpersonal conflict-conflict between individuals.
Intergroup conflict-Conflict between groups or departments that causes friction.
Organizational conflict- Conflict between employees and the organization.

Fact and idea review: 1. Positive-conflict energizes people. Positive- Conflict is a form of communication. 2. Negative- Conflict makes it hard to concentrate on your job. Negative- Conflict can distort reality. 3. Interpersonal conflict is conflict between individuals that arises when individuals perceive or value situations differently. Intergroup conflict is between groups that causes friction. Organizational conflict is between employees and the organization itself. 4. Managers can set up meetings with their employees to help resolve whatever the issue is.

Critical Thinking: 1. Good workplace conflict motivates employees to continue to work hard and benefit the company. Bad workplace conflict is considered as disrespectful to most workers. 2. I think that would create bad workplace conflict, because the employees will think that their employees are not appreciating their work.

Case analysis: You are the chief executive officer of a health maintenance organization that employs 1,400 people. Recently you have noticed growing tension between the