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Culture Video Discussion
Derrick Logan

Identify the differences between race and culture. Discuss the distinctions between the two. Answer:

Race can be define as an outward appearance, and culture would be things that you value like your spirituality. Race cannot be changed, but as for culture your race can be white but if you are brought up in a black environment your culture would not be the same as someone who grew up in a white household.

Why are these distinctions important? Answer: These distinctions are very important because you should not confuse the two, different cultures have different way of communicating and in order to communicate effectively you need to know the difference between the two.

What are the advantages of attending a diverse campus?


Well for one it will prepare you more for real life situation after graduation, also you will naturally become a more sociable individual as well as meeting people you would possibly never come in contact with.

What are the potential issues of a lack of diversity?


Lack of diversity can pose many potential problems, and diversity is not just held to your race or culture it also applies to gender and if you’re not a diverse person it can cause someone to become a isolated individual.

What do you like best about your culture?


Well what I like best about my culture would be the deep background in music of all kinds black Americans have been a big influence as far as music goes in every culture. What would you change about your culture if you could? Answer:

There is nothing I would change about it, that the thing culture is just that unchangeable because it lives forever, I could experience different cultures but never would I attempt to change or even suggest it.

For many, much of their perception about cultures comes from TV and the movies they watch. How is this a potential problem?


This is a potential problem because the entertainment industry can display a certain type of cultures in