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Stress and Bullying can Lead to Suicide Rebecca Sedwick attempted suicide when she was overwhelmed with stress and bullying at her school, her parents are finding ways to cope with her death. The committed suicide of Rebecca Sedwick relates to our chapter because it talks about stress, suicide attempts, and the coping of a loss. Rebecca Sedwick was under a lot of stress when she was bullied at her school, she was excluded from a social circle so it caused her to have a mental stressor which is a situation that puts a demand on the body or mind.
This was negative stress which is called distress , and it kept Rebecca from doing her best because she had no confidence in herself. All the stress and bullying led to her intionally taking her own life, or in other words suicide . Rebecca committed suicide because she felt hopeless, and withdraw from family and friends. When Rebecca committed suicide her parents started to grieve in different ways such as showing anger to the kids that bullied her, and then they started to accept her death and instead of being mad at the bullies they started to find ways to help with other children that might be getting bullied. Rebecca's parents are now setting a fundraiser to help pay for her funeral and what is left over would be donated to The Jaylens Challenge Foundation.
Stress­ The body's and mind’s response to a demand.
Stressor­ Any situation that