Qualitative Research Proposal

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Cash, T. F., Theriault, J., & Annis, N. M. (2004). Body image in an interpersonal context: Adult attachment, fear of intimacy and social anxiety. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 23(1), 89-103.

This article by Cash and colleagues captures most of the variables being looked at in the current proposal project, making it particularly relevant to the proposal topic. The authors looked at the construct of body image and how it is related to and affected by anxiety and attachment/intimacy. They found that in males, body image issues is related to social anxiety only, while in females it is related to both anxiety and attachment/intimacy issues. These findings are important to the current research topic because they show the relationship between body image, anxiety, and the ability for individuals to have intimate relationships. Establishing that connection provides a basis for the
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Results showed that women with BDD showed less BDD symptoms when they reported higher levels of social support from friends and family members. This helps to show the connection between social support and emotional self-disclosure within those support relationships, and body image (and possible body image anxiety). The current research proposal suggests that social support and self-disclosure plays a large role in body image anxiety and the ability to hold intimate relationships with people. This study helps to show the relationship between that support and body image satisfaction. The study had a large sample size (n = 400) of both males and females. However, it was completed in Brazil, making it less possible to generalize to other cultures. Only one other article has cited it since its publication in 2011.
Cash, T. F., & Brown, T. A. (1989). Gender and body images: Stereotypes and realities. Sex roles, 21(5-6),