dance paper

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Brady Hamer
English 1101 11am
November 20, 2014
Dance paper

The dance in class Wednesday was really eye opening to a new form of dance that I have never seen. The way Mackenzie and London told a story through their body language, facial expressions, and without using their legs is brilliant. There is so many different ways you can look at this dance and interpret what the dance means in your own eyes. I’ve had to watch the dance and listen to the music multiple times to figure out what the dance means exactly to me. I think the story Mackenzie and London are trying to portray is a love story about a guy who is best friends with this girl, but the guy sees the girl as more than just a friend and is scared to tell her how he feels because he doesn’t want to ruin their relationship and lose her. Then he realizes that she is already in a relationship with another guy and it’s killing him on the inside to see the girl he loves call out another guy’s name and leave him out in the cold all alone. The best friend decides to finally tell the girl that he’s in love with her and that he wants her to leave her boyfriend for him. The reason he finally decides to tell her that he’s in love with her because it’s killing him on the inside and he would rather walk this world alone if he can’t have her. When he finally tells her she is shocked and tries to tell him they’re better off as friends, but he tells her that he has so much to offer her in life than the guy she is in a