Essay on Death Caused by Transformation

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In The Awakening by Kate Chopin, the main character Edna Pontellier goes through a transformation that made her happier in life but soon killed her. She had always lived a conservative lifestyle doing what is expected of her. As the novel goes on she changes from being self-conscious as being a wife and a mother to her children. She discovers that those are hindrances from her getting her freedom and awareness of what’s possible for her in the world. The transformation she went through would have never happened without the influence of others. With others help Edna was able to learn three new ways of self expression in which led to her epiphany of her unhealthy suppressed past and emotions and eventually led to her death. When the Creole went to the Grand Isle, Edna begins to watch them. The women are all expressing themselves and Edna doesn’t understand why they do. She’s new to their culture; even though they were all high class they had a different way of life. Edna grew up in a society that couldn’t freely express themselves. Watching these women Edna discovered that was a part of her that she has been lacking. It impressed her that they could have such modesty in their speech. This was one of the transformations that Edna went through. When Adele told her that it was okay that she expresses herself, Edna sees the world from a new perspective. She yearns for art, Freedom and sexual satisfaction. Edna yearned for sexual satisfaction. She notes that this sexual awareness makes her to be filled with life and energy. This makes her want to continue her sexual affairs with Robert because she doesn’t feel this way about her husband. “there was no human being whom she wanted near her except Robert” (Chopin 189). Edna had desires in which only Robert could fulfill. This desire had to be hidden because she was indeed a married woman, but woman had affairs but they were not taken seriously. It was forbidden that she falls in love with Robert because of Leonce. Her relationship with Robert she had control over and that made her enjoy the relationship more because she didn't want to be a property and she didn't like the fact that Robert was in control of of their marriage and she was supposed to submit to him. Submitting to your husband and being a mother women were qualities Edna was capable of having but didn't desire to acquire.
Edna had the qualities of becoming a Mother woman and a devoted wife. That was not what she desired. She wanted to be an artist but she didn't want the burdens of being an artist came with. She didn't want to be talked about in society and be an outcast. Edna wanted a lot of…