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JULY 5, 2012


In January of 2007 I was medically discharged from the Unites States Army under honorable conditions. After my discharge I was forced to make a life changing decision to either stay here in Texas or move back home to Virginia. During this time I came to realize that the biggest problem I had was if I were to move back to Virginia I would have to be apart from my daughter who at the time was four years old. After my ex-wife and I were divorced I was ordered to begin paying child support which also played part in my decision because I needed to find work in order to make my payments without falling behind. My next step was to apply to jobs both here in Texas and in Virginia. Unsure of which job would call me back first it was then my decision to go with the first employer to offer me a position. Finally, I received a telephone call from Raytheon located here in Texas and my decision was then made. Soon after I had begun my new career I went to the Texas Attorney General’s office to notify them of my new employment so that my daughter would be taken care of. Five years later I am still with Raytheon and could not be happier. By using my personal decision making process my daughter is now nine and glad that I made the decision to stay.
My Process vs. The Text Book Process
The decision making process I used to solve my dilemma was a lot similar to the process used in the text