Decision-Making Process Essay

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Decision-Making Process
One of the biggest decisions I have had to make in my lifetime was going back to school. I had to figure what I wanted to do, then decide what school would be the best choice for me. At the time, I was taking care of my father, who was battling lung cancer, but I was in a position that I needed to further my education to make a better life for myself. The first step in my decision making process was to figure out what I wanted my degree in. After working with a friend running his auto mechanic business and being the office manager, I decided that I wanted to go to school for business management. I came up with this decision one day while sitting in the office, even though we were not busy this day there were still stuff that I could do rather than just standing around.
Secondly, I had to decide which college was the best fit for me. After talking to several family members and friends, I concluded that Virginia College was the best fit for me. It was the best fit for me because its location was near my father's residence and a hospital, the class sizes were small so I felt like that I got more one on one help if I needed it, and I could switch to online classes when my father's cancer got worse.
Finally, I enrolled at Virginia College and started my classes but after the first couple of terms, I decided that it really was not the school for me and started taking as many classes online as possible. Then, after I finished I found out that