Diary Of Anne Frank Analysis

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“Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?” The Diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank herself, thoroughly explains her point of view of her distressing life during the Holocaust. Although her life was brief, it was occupied by a variety of incidents, teeming with emotions. Though the strongest emotion that I believe is conveyed by Anne to the audience about her life in the Annex, is loneliness. Anne believes that no one understands how she feels and what she’s going through. Nobody really provides emotional support to guide her through. Though Anne is quite reliant on her father for encouragement and support, Otto might not be the perfect confidant for her, she is a 13 year old girl. Anne remarks later in the her diary that “You can be lonely even when you're loved by many people, since you're still not anybody's ‘one and only.’"(Frank 111) It’s such a true statement that applies to anyone. Anne also declares herself towards the ending of her diary that, “Deep down, the young are lonelier …show more content…
“Such quarrels that the whole house thunders! Nice atmosphere isn’t it?”(Frank 78). Staying in a remote place for a long time is bound to change a person’s attitude towards another. Anne lists plenty of times her and her mother don’t get along. “She is frightfully irritable and that always seems to herald unpleasantness for me.” (Frank 43). They are feeling insecure themselves, leading a distressed life in the Annex in the dread of being found or betrayed.
Despite all the things that Anne Frank undergoes, she maintains hope and endeavors to keep a positive mind. Connecting back to the quote made in the introductory paragraph, isn’t that quote so true? Age does not matter to how you feel inside, you can be loved by so many yet feel so lonely