Divorce-Personal Narrative

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The doors finally opened and the students came rushing in, meeting everyone here back again for the new school year. Talking to each other about what they did over the summer, how did it go, and just happy to see each other here back again for the year. This is my second time back here again in high school and glad to see my old friends still here, especially Lucia. She was my best friend during elementary school, she helped me when I was having a rough time moving here to Augusta, Maine when I didn’t know anyone here. I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee and I always loved my old southern state, but that changed. I was only 7 when I had to move here because my parents a divorce. They would fight and argue against each other, I sometimes would hear it from my bedroom late at night. One night in one of their arguments, my mom walked in my bedroom just before I was going to bed, she told me that she and I should move away to live somewhere else. She probably suggested it because she maybe needed to be away from dad or wanted me to have a better life in some other place. I don’t remember much of that conversation, but in the end, I think I said yes to …show more content…
But during in one of my classes, we had to do a group activity with our groups and I didn’t talk to anyone in my group. Lucia was in my group at the time and saw me not talking to our group, she told me to speak up and tried to get out of the shell that I was in. Time passed during that year, she told me funny jokes during class to make me laugh when I was sometimes down, even though we would get into trouble with our teacher. We would also play sports and games against each other during PE to play for fun, and eat lunch together to talk more about each other. After elementary school, middle school came and so forth, Lucia got me out of my shell and became my best friend in my life……..but things can