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Do not look at this stuff. k. we have a deal.??./?
Questions you need to think about for this thesis:

• Why do we (humans) have a desire to belong? Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or look at some other theories about the human need for companionship etc.
- We do not want to be isolated and alone (avoid loneliness)
- We need companions
- To feel valued
- We desire to experience affection and know that we’re appreciated
- We want stable and safe
- It is important that one belongs because it will lead to happiness and will gain a strong sense of self

• Why are these needs universal? What do we share despite our differences? How is belonging a global concept?
- Everyone is the same on some level and they are the basis of needs for belonging
- All humans have the same basic needs despite in race culture religion
- Commonality of experience
- They are the basis of a sense of belonging

• What are the ways this desire can express itself? Think about our behaviour (not necessarily positive), societal conventions, dialogue, writing, relationships, marriage, family etc.
- Jealous behaviour
- Pretend and become something that you are not, something that does not define you
- Conformity to society’s expectations and compromising of self
- Disingenuous behaviour
- Loss of identity
- Loving behaviour

• If we try to belong to one group, does that mean we have to choose not to belong elsewhere? If so, how does this notion align with the events or