Do Not Shoot the Beautiful People Essay

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Gun Control The issue is gun control. His argument is that gun control advocates continue to fight for reforms to gun control laws that reduce gun violence. The stated premises are that the second amendment was only intended to protect local militias’ right to have weapons. Within that right, federal law had the ability to restrict what weapons were allowed to whom. That opponents of gun control mistakenly (though that is not stated, merely implied, which makes it an unstated premise) believe that the right to bear arms was intended to apply to every person for every weapon. And that any form of gun control will lead to a ban on all guns. In addition, the courts have sided with the concept that the second amendment was primarily intended for militia use and not personal for the majority of time there has been a second amendment. That the time when the court did put the rights of a private individual above federal law, in 2008, that they did so in such a way that created more problems than it solved. It continues with the idea that too many guns are being used for criminal activity. It shows that every time gun control is strengthened, gun use in criminal activity declines. Then says that loopholes still exist for criminals to get their hands on weapons. The effects of these loopholes are two major school shootings. After the last school shooting and other incidents, President Obama tried to come to America’s rescue, with an assault weapons ban. People came to explain to the opponents of gun control that they did not want to take their guns, just control who could purchase what. Though their valiant effort failed, they will continue to fight on. The unstated premises are that since tougher gun laws affected gun use in crimes, even tougher gun laws will have similar effects. That the founding father’s opinions should matter when deciding today’s gun control laws. It was implied that since the courts had held the belief that the second amendment primarily applied to militias, that this was a more accurate interpretation now. Because there are loopholes in gun laws, criminals are exploiting them. Its conclusion is that we need these heroic figures to continue the fight to strengthen gun control laws to prevent future gun violence. However, there is no data on what happened when gun laws were relaxed and those effects on crime. The personal bias on this paper is so thick it is almost hard to take seriously.

Culture of Beauty The issue is that the current standards of beauty are unhealthy for women in America today. Stated Premises are that the idea of being beautiful is extremely important to women and girls in this day in age. It is reinforced through books, movies, toys, advertisements, magazines, models, celebrities, and so on from early childhood through old age. Being beautiful is rewarded with wealthy spouses and higher paying jobs. In past centuries, little girls cared more about what they did and who they were as a person. Girls today care more about what they look like. Companies make billions more than they