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Black labs are about the best family dogs to have! They're so friendly, and, which also means that they will need the proper attention and care.

black labs Don't find it strange Black labs have huge appetites. They love to have walks but when u do you need to have about 30 min of a walk. They love to play always make sure your paying attention to them especially when they want you to they need lots of toys but there favorite toy is a tennis ball they love to play fetch with the tennis ball but you might need a little bit of training if you want them to catch and like the Frisbee if he or she is sad or lazy pay more attention to him or her if they are lazy or sad if they are pay more attention to him or her and eventually they will became less and less sad or lazy and become more active. and after you do all of that then you will have a fun dog to play and have fun with. I got this information from the sight how to have a healthy lab.if he or she is always hungry. Depending on the dog, you will most likely have to feed the dog one to two times a day. However, it's a good idea to ask your vet about when you should feed him or her, or how often you should feed them treats. walk him or her at least once a day for 30 min.are the type of dog that love to play so if there is a park close by it may be a good idea to get him or her used with the area. But mostly if the dog is new to your family, keep him or her on a leash at all times Give tons of love! Are very loving dogs. It's natural for them to bark at anything on the street or sidewalk. But when introduced properly, they aren't so mean. Especially to people they're used to. Make sure that you spend some time at home training him or her outside. Black labs are good with children. But keep a watch on the dog at all times so make sure they don’t make any messes. They love playing with anyone that can give them the time of the day. Make sure to play with them! Petting, playing, and spending time with people,