Dont Make It Easy Essay

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Sam Kistler
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What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you going to do after high School? How much are you going to make? These few questions play such an important role in your life and you want to make the right choices to be a successful intelligent person. When I was a young kid going into high school I did not know what I was going to do with my life nor was I thinking about it. I tossed several ideas throughout my mind but still no interest in anything. Then, I found a technical school offered in my school where they make you come to school for a half of a day and then they ship you off to their tech school. It was called Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. Here you can learn hands on how to make a profession out of several different jobs. Plumbing, HVAC, Electricity, Carpentry, Masonry, Welding, Auto Mechanics, and a class that I enlisted in called Powerline Tec 2000+. This interested me because my step father owned his own cable company at the time and I was going to go to this class for 4 years and then get hired on. The class would provide me with all of the skills needed to be a journeyman lineman. They teach you how to climb telephone poles, install cross arms, insulators, wire, transformers, and much more. They had a huge facility there that consisted of at least 25 forty-five foot telephone poles and also a 105 foot tower. If you were afraid of heights this class is not for you. Throughout my 4 years there, they provided me with several different certifications that will help me later on in life. Unfortunately, my step dads business fell through and it kind of left me dumbfounded on what I was going to do now. My senior year towards the end of the year my tech teacher approached me and said that the Westmoreland Community College and West Penn Power are combining and making a two year program that will provide you with a chance to into the company. Immediately I jumped on the opportunity and did every little step to get where I am now. I had to go through two different tryouts which tested my ability to climb poles, assemble cross