Dress Code and Uniforms Essay

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SCHOOL UNIFORMS SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED. In my opinion students should not have to wear uniforms if they don’t laugh or treat other students bad. Should school uniforms be required? Some parents say yes but students say no. the reason why parents say yes is because sometimes the children get pick on a lot about how they wear they clothes and what they should wear. Others believe that kids should have the freedom to dress however they want. After strongly believe that uniforms should not be required in school.

Some parents think it’s a great thing for children to wear uniform because now no one would have to be picking on or laugh at about what they wear. Without uniform, they say kids will focus on clothes, instead of schoolwork. There will be pressure to buy expensive clothes, which many families can not afford for the parents these reason, some people insist that uniform are necessary. I personally disagree. There will at all times be interruption. Kids should be encouraged and trusted to focus on their schoolwork, or they will never learn to be in charge. Uniforms are not free. If families are spending money, they should be able to choose the clothes they buy. Also, uniforms interfere with creativity. Requiring uniforms send a message that all kids are the same. If school wants kids to be themselves, they should not force all students to dress alike. For all these reasons, school uniforms should not be required. If teachers and parents and principals want to