Education: Teacher and Family Factors Essay

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Journal Entry-1 The Profession

I was raised up with a storng impact of teaching influnces. This influence has inspired me to become a teacher. I am pleased to be donating my time. I have completed total hours of 12 hours in two differnent classrooms. With this journal entry i will describe my placement, what do I admire, what will i bring to the classroom, my barrieres and how can i face everyday chanllenges.

Describe the teacher you are working with in your placement? To be aable to describe the teacher i need to describe how the school system works. The schoolhas joint classrooms. For example, kindergarton/first grad are in the same classrooms , second /third, fourth/ fifth, and sixth, seventh and eighth grad. I was placed in in two different placements do to lack of staff. i was placed in K-1 class and 2-3 grade. I havent had the prevailge to work withthe first Kindergarton and first grad teacher beacuase the day i help in her class she was out sick. A substitute teacher had the day. which was a little fastratihng because he didnt have a leson plan and it seemed like he had no clue what he was doing. He couldnt manage the class room. At the end of the day there was paper airplanes thorn all over the room. However i do admire him because he had a smile on his face and was able to finish the day with the students not wanting to leave. When i helped the second and third grade the classroom was more organized. Mr Blank was confedente with his classroom. I found myself admiring him because he can manage having two lesson planes for two different grades. He has hands on activities that help the children learn and be more engaged in learning. He also has the student not wanting to leave at the end of the day. What questions do you have about their teaching methods and strategies?

For the substitute teacher:

If he know of head of time, Would he be more organized? Have you ever worked with two grades in the same classroom?

What would you have changed thourgout the day?


How does he knows when its time to change to a different activity?

Does he sturgges with two different grades in the classroom? How does he deals with the ages differnences?

What will you bring to the classroom? For the kindergartonn and first grad class i will probably bring rewards