Essay on Educational Technology

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1. ☐ Male ☐ Female

2. ☐ <12 ☐ 12- 18 ☐ 19-25 ☐26 -50 ☐ 50-70 ☐ 70+

3. Do you consider yourself tech savvy/ up to date with current technology?

1 2 3 4 5

Not at all Hardly Average Yes Advanced

4. In your opinion do you think technology will increase or decrease in cost over the coming years?
☐ Increase ☐Decrease

5. Do you believe the implementation of the government providing public school students laptops have more positives than negatives?
☐ Yes ☐No

6. The government is introducing laptops/iPad’s to public institutions. Who do you believe should pay for this educational technology? ( Select 1)
☐ School ☐ Parents
☐ Government ☐ Other 7. Do you have a more positive view towards technology now that it has become more advanced?
☐ Yes ☐No

8. Do you believe educational technology equipment enhances your learning?
☐ Yes ☐No

9. Do you believe computers improve learning?

a.) Not at all ☐
b.) Not really ☐
c.) A little bit ☐
d.) Certainly ☐

10. Would you be hesitant to support using electronic devices in exams due to the possibility of cheating?

☐ Yes ☐No

11. Because Spelling and Grammar would be corrected on electronic devices, do you think the importance of correct spelling and grammar would decline in future generations?

☐ Yes ☐No

12. Do you agree that the loss of having to write under pressure is negative as students would no longer