Effects of multiple depression Essay

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Effect of multiple depressions Starting from birth, humans are precious creatures and gift from God the most high without interactions. After birth, behavior is the beginning point of human in every aspect of life, and I believed that our environment is what causes us to suffer illness and behavior differently.
The three perspectives that will be using in this research are behavioral perspective, cognitive perspective, humanistic perspective, and psychodynamic perspectives. Each of these theories has their own definition My opinion regarding behavioral perspective-- is something that exists and focuses on environment in the universe. The behavior of an individual is something that learned from environment after an individual was born. Many people think and believe that only behavior should be observed, but not individual mind, because we can’t see other people’s mind.

June 20th, 2001 a Texas woman, Andrea Yates mother of five children killed her kids by drowning them in the bathtub. She’s totally out of her mind and senses at the time of killing her kids. She be for then she was diagnosis with postpartum depression, these illness occur to a woman after childbirth, and these happen to many woman after miscarriage. A woman that’s diagnosis with this illness will feel worthless, sad, and hopeless. A postpartum depression affects woman in ability to function well and in the process of that effect, then problem caring for self and bonding with their kids will now become a major issue. If a doctor is not notify on time or get a treatment at the earliest stage of this illness it will lead to another disease as psychotic behavior. This sickness can eat a woman completely out of her inner mind of which the person involve, will be behaving strangely such as, seeing double, hearing voices or see something that are not there. This is a serious illness, and it’s dangerous to anybody and children. This kind of behavior for mother to kill her own babies in her inner mind while she is sitting in her quite state will conclude her “bad” her believe is that her behavior is contaminating her children as a result made her to do what she did, some psychologists have come to term it as “altruistic filicide”(filicide means the murder of a child by a parent),(World Socialist Website 2001/07/yate) as it can lead a mother to kill her baby and also be dangerous to other people as well. If immediate treat is not quickly giving it will lead to a catastrophe. Also New York Times report stated that depression and mentally illness lead her to that terrible act, because she did not remember anything at all, and don’t remember herself. (New York Times, June 2001).
Andrea and her husband have been married for many years, and Andrea have been having a problem with her marriage and her life, she also have one miscarriage, so she’s stress out. She was going through a lot of misunderstanding with her husband about having more babies; she was going through depression and refused to take her medication.
The environment she was living in is very difficult and too much for her to handle, she never recover from the stress and depression at the time she drowned her kids. She refused to take her medication that her doctor prescript for her that will help her to recover from this illness. She was in a devastative state of mind when all these behavior took place even while she was under ‘her’ husband “watch eye”.
On crime and punishment which stated that on several occasion Andrea Yate on many episodes called her husband Rusty begged him to come home and getting home found her shaking involuntarily chewing on her fingers, many times she refused to take her pills and also on the verge of suicide by over dosing herself sometimes mutilating herself and also not