Election and Social Media Review Essay

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Chelsey Colston
September 4, 2014
Introduction to Social Media
Review Questions
1. How is social media changing the world as we know it? Yes social media is changing because more and more people are using social media to challenge one another in a ALS ice bucket challenge, or political elections. X-10

2. Why do you use social media? The thing is, I dont have any social media, there is to many ratchets on there always wanting to start a fight, i'm just not for that anymore. -1

3. Have you witnessed a change in social media in your lifetime? If so, how? Not that I know of. -1

4. Do you think social media should affect presidential elections? Explain.
Yes, I honestly do think it should because the social media would give them more of a wider expantion for their elections. -5

5. Has social media improved your relationships? If so, how? It hasn't, it did everything but improve my relationships.

6. Do you think social media poses a threat to family and leisure time? Yes, I honestly think that the social media is putting a huge dent in our families today because were constently on our phones trying to see what good on the weekends when we should be using some of that time to talk about days with everyone in our house hold. -5

7. Do you know anyone who is addicted to social media? How much social media interaction is too much? Yes I do, there are all the girls at school, but mostly my sister. She has more drama then ever because of social media. She's 17 with more drama than anything, because she don't know how to leave stuff alone with other girls. -5
8. Have you ever experienced cyberbullying? Do you know anyone who has? What do you think is the solution to this problem?
Yes, I was a victim and a bully from cyberbullying, but me being a "bully" is standing up for what I believe in.. If some ratchet