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Shanice Stearns Period 3 ENDER V.S PETER In Ender’s game by Orson Scott Ender and Peter are brothers that are alike in many ways which they do not even notice but want to be different, completely different but cannot help but be somewhat alike. Ender is a smart nonviolent genuine hearted child, while Peter, on the other hand, is a cold violent but smart young man but peter has an odd edge about him. Throughout Ender’s game these points can be highlighted and expressed thought the text and imagery. Are Ender and Peter the same or different? Is ender right is he like Peter “a killer like Peter”. Ender is a third only six and is taken to battle school against all odds when he is ten he is re located to command school the youngest to be promoted. He is field smart thinking anticipating the next enemy move battle school was barely a challenge for him. While he’s at battle school everyone doubts that ender is that smart but Graff insures that he is most definitely smarter than him. “Ender Wiggin is ten times smarter and stronger than I am” (chapter.8paragraph.26) Graff is not only talking a physically strong but mentally. Peter is smart, in school, at home, but people do not see peter the rite way he may be favored at school but his mind is different dark no one really knew who peter was all they knew is that he could excel but he wanted to excel only in world domination. Ender and Peter where both smart but were not smart in the same way Ender thought of the odds cause and effect and best outcome peter thought of what was best for him and his plan. Peter was the middle child he despised he siblings would rather not have them exist. So he treats them like there nothing acts like there nothing and looks at them as nothing. He rather not have them alive and is violent “I could kill you like this,’ Peter whispered ‘just press and press until you’re dead”(chapter 2) he scares them threatens and harasses Valentine and ender. He puts in their head that they could be killed by him at any moment and he wouldn’t think twice. He is intentional hitting them with no effect on his mind it was fun to him a game almost. ”knocking him down was the first fight. I wanted to win all the next ones, too. So they would leave me alone” (chapter 8) ender was in a fight he was tired of being harassed by Peter ,Stilson ,and everyone else that laughed at him. His intensions were to scare Stilson just enough so he would be left alone so when Stilson fights him ender holds no mercy thinking I will scare him straight with no intention to cause horrible damage but goes too far and kills Stilson without knowing. Ender was an innocent killer in self-defense tries to keep them away becomes violent, like Peter. But isn’t thinking like Peter he just wants to set in Stilsons mind to leave him alone but doesn’t know what to far is, where Peter knows where he can pushes the limit too far. Both Peter and Ender have a feeling toward each other including towards Valentine. Ender sees his sister and will do anything for her he loves her and will protect her through anything and she will protect him both containing a pure heart for one another .Peter doesn’t care about her or Ender that’s what his feelings show. He could kill them and wouldn’t even be effected by it both Ender and Valentine are worthless to him. “Ender I’m sorry I’m sorry I know how it feels I’m your brother I love you”(page 15) this was an odd statement Peter made to the brother he said was nothing to him the brother he so many times