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In 1978, William Zinsser, a master of Branford College at Yale University, using a sympathetic tone sends a convincing message to college students, their parents and teachers through his essay called “College Pressures.” In this essay, Zinsser unmasks a horrible master that have been torturing and slavering the college students depriving them from the joy of the “college experience.” This malevolent master has been ruling this nation for decades, convincing everyone that success has to be measure through your pocket. Currently “defeat” is an unavoidable demon, and the damage have been such out of proportion that students are convinced that the only way to reach a state of realization on their lives is through a safe route, which only has one door and make turns is not allowed, you must not fail. They do not want to hear ideas of freedom, they are just looking for a sense of security in every area of their lives, they might as well get a “prepaid grave.” The author innocently wishes to convinced the students of the indispensable necessity of freedom that they need, because they need to be “released from the clammy grip of the future,” but is an naive thought, because this nation has been teaching a culture based on a “religion” brought from the “American god” named “Achievement”—the malevolent master—. This “Money Talks” Culture and the “American Barbie Appearance,” embraced by the media, had limit the importance of creativity and liberalism among the college students, because on these days they are just worried about the appearance of their grades on papers; even the author mention that “transcript has become a sacred document, the passport to security.” The times of the Hippies; where the muse was your faithful companion and philosophy, music and art rule on this nation, comes to an end, Mr. Perfection killed Ms. Curiosity. As a master at Bradford College,