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The Elizabethan era was establish with Queen Elizabeth 1’s reign from (1558-16003) and is regarded as the Golden age in English History. It was the elevation of the Renaissance and saw the blossoming of English poetry, music and literature. It was the era where Elizabethan theatre reaches its pinnacle and Great composers such as William Shakespeare broke free from the traditional style of theatre. The Elizabethan Era in England was based on a hierarchical order of society. The hierarchical system was representative of a divine order that could be echoed in the human world. Just as God ruled all creation and all mankind so should Kings rule earthly kingdom.(see Tilyard,1942)
The French Revolution led to rationality in government also the end of the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity in France. This created a system of rational and reason For the Renaissance and Reformation Followed by Romanticism. The Elizabethan saw a great flourishing of literature. William Shakespeare stands out in this period as a poet and playwright as yet unsurpassed, he wrote what was his greatest play during this era. Hamlet Romeo and Juliet, Othello. And King Lear. He was celebrity and most prevalent in Elizabethan household See (Guy , 1988).

A major Landmark of this period was the transfer of power from Elizabeth 1 to James 1, which happen in 1603 Elizabeth had produced no male heir, and the pressure to who would be her successor was quite frightful; it raised the question of the dynastic struggle of post War England among the War of the Roses. (See Collinson, 2008). Similar to Queen Elizabeth King Lear had produced no male heir. The repulses of the Spanish Armada .marked the high point of Elizabeth reign. Christopher Columbus discovered of Western Europe and Sir Francis Drake Circumnavigated the globe.
In Contrary it was also a time of plots to kill the Queen by High officials in Spain and Rome who sought to replace the Protestant queen with the catholic Mary Queen of Scots. The Queen was also considered a virgin Queen because she never married.(see Emmison, 1976)
Similarities to King Henry 1V The Percy revolt 1 when his son in law Mortimer and his son Hotspur and Douglas have turned against King Henry IV who subsequently divide up England. Between the two sons and the brother in law.

The Key Philosophers Politian, writers of the Elizabethan era, most eminent and prominent was Jacques- Benigne Bosseut (1627-1704). Who set the paradigm for the divine right that the universe was ordered by a reasonable God, and therefore his representative on earth has the powers of that God. The orderliness of the Cosmos was seen as proof of God therefore it was a proof of the power of monarchy. See ( Barker,1987) ( Shakespeare perception of kings are divine appointed chosen by God . Lear does not have the right to lay down his divine right of king. He is placing himself above God by doing it.
The Key thinkers of this period were Voltaire, jean-jacques, Rousseau, and David Hulme, Pascal. Lelbore, Gaileo and other philosophers. There was a wave of change across English empirical philosophical ideas and the application to political economy, government and sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology.
Queen Elizabeth shows a lot of interest in high quality literature. The work of William Shakespeare, and Edmund Spenser did frequently, disappoint the queen. The historian John Guy (1988) argues that England was economically healthier more expensive and more optimistic under the Tudors than at any times in a thousand years See (Guy, 1988)

`The Elizabethan age is viewed so highly because of the periods before and after. It was a brief Period of largely internal peace between the English reformation and the battles between parliament and the monarchy that engulfed the seventeenth century. The protestant catholic divide was settled for a time by the Elizabethan Religious settlement and