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Scott Davis stood at attention front of the president of the United States. Even though he was standing in front of the most powerful person in the government, Scoot had a confidence radiating from him. As he stood there the president reached out his hand to welcome him. Then he started speaking,” I understand that you are best the military has to offer. One week ago my daughter, Jessica, disappeared and yesterday a terrorist group called Melkida claimed responsibility for the act. They sent a ransom of 1 billion dollars and half of all our military artillery. It has to be given to them in ten days or they will kill her. You were sent here to rescue her from Moscow, Russia where they took her to.” At this note Scott saluted and walked out. A couple hours later Scott sat on a plane with a ticket to Moscow. As he was starting to fall asleep there was a noise from behind him. Usually Scott would ignore it but something made him turn around. At first everything seemed normal but then he saw it. A bomb that was supposed to look like a carry on underneath the seat of a man who looked to be sleeping two rows down. As a flight attendant passed by him with drinks he said, “Excuse me, I need to speak to your pilot right now or else every one this plane is going to die in 5 minutes, “As she led him to the pilot his body raced with adrenaline. When they got there Scott said, “We need to land right now. There is a bomb that looks to homemade in aisle 6 and the last time I looked it only