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English yearly’s test practise
Section 2: creative writing task
Journey to earth
Drake sir lee the master of Neptune, was very impressed of the news he was hearing about based on Rakma his son, whom is the king of earth. His son had also invited his father to visit him tomorrow at earth. Lemza said the master, yes sir, how can I assist you?!, gorilla corning glass is a great solution when it comes for protection on our daily driver.
The place of the eygptians womans were they were entred to a place were there is no

Section 3: close study of text (essay writing) based on “Gran Torino”

ESSAY QUESTION FROM AHT: Gran Torino is film that deals with important themes. Discuss the ways Eastwood creates meaning and helps audiences assess these themes.

Talk about texts and composers being able to positon responsders in a certain way. Next sentence, talk about how doing this lets respoonsers empathise – by doing so, responders are enganged and empathise with characters and are thus able to critically assess the important themeses of texts. This is true/this can be seen in ____intro text___, where ideas surrounding (1), (2), and (3) are explored. Eastwood employs various film devices and techniques, which create an emotional connection to the audience, forming a more invested interaction with the themes of the film.
Gran Torino is a film that deals with important themes that resemble real life situations. These themes include racism, family relationships and friendship. The film Gran Torino, staring Client Eastwood as the main character, “Walt”, who faces many difficulties in his life. Throughout the film, these important themes that Walt faces are racism, family and friendship.
One important theme which is thoroughly seen throughout the film is Racism. a scene within the film were racism is seen is when Sue, Thao’s sister, goes out on a date with Trey and they end up in a big argument and fight with African Americans which involve heavy racism and prejudice.
Quote :
The racist attitude encapsulated by Walt’s “What the hell are you spooks up too” is indicative of his outdated, post-war attitudes in which he remains stuck….where ‘spooks’ is a very outmoded term.
In addition…“Get your ass out of here before I kick your old wrinkly white ass” (monk) … the close