Essay About My Best Friend

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I lived a joyful care-free life for a little bit. While I was a young child in elementary school, I had no problems whatsoever. The only things on my mind were the thoughts of school ending, and having a great time. I probably knew a little too much for someone my age, but that didn’t matter. I did not have many friends through elementary school, I never had a sleepover at a friends’ house or even went to one’s house for that matter. This did not bother me, because my closest friend was my step-father Landy.
He was a perfect role model, a father figure, and an amazing friend to have. He was the father of my two younger siblings; Liam and Belle. He was like a father to me but in a way I can never describe, I was closer to him then my own father. He was someone I could talk to about anything, he was the truest friend I’d ever had. In hindsight of all the fun and adventures we had one thing we never had was a lot of money. This didn’t affect the fun we had though. Sometimes we would have to sell some of our possessions just to make it to the next paycheck. An example of this is when one of our cars broke down, we couldn’t afford to fix it and get groceries so we sold my playstation I had got for Christmas. At the time this was the normal for me and I enjoyed it for a while…..
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For me life was eternal, an everlasting cycle of joy and happiness. It was a warm fall Monday, leaves splattered like paint on our yard. I stepped off the bus wearing my long sleeve navy blue shirt. My hair ruffled in the slight breeze, life was good for a little bit. I walked down our long, winding driveway to our whitewashed house. Landy was waiting on our concrete porch, the screen door wide open cooling down the house. He met me halfway down the driveway throwing an arm around me as we walked towards the