Essay: My Past, Present, And Future

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My Past, Present, and Future
Latrisha Whetsell
PSY 202
Instructor Prout
January 19, 2013(Late)

MY PAST AND PRESENT I. What did you do after you left school?

A. Graduated High School Early

B. Hang out with friends, have fun

C. Worked 2 jobs-( Food lion and Lowes Home Improvement)

II. What jobs have you had in your life?

A. Fast-Food Worker

B. Cashier

C. Customer Service Representative

D. Manager

III. Who were the important people in your life?

A. Mother

B. Step-Father

C. Oldest Sister

IV. What were your educational experiences?

A. Graduated High School

B. Attended Community College

C. Started taking online college courses

As a mother of 4 and one on the way I have experienced a lot in my past as well as my present. I am a 27 year old woman whom is still in school to make a better life for me and my family. Times have been rough but willing through dedication and confidence I have been able to get through. In this essay I will be explaining an overall experience of my life and what has overcome that in my past years and my present. I plan on incorporating all of that into future experiences to better my education and life. I graduated high school early at the age of 17. I finished all of my required courses within the first semester of my senior year. Of course I was excited at the time the guidance counselor called me into her office to inform me that I had completed all of my courses and if I wanted to I was able to graduate a semester early unless I wanted to take extra classes to be ahead in college. At the time all I had to do was write a letter to the principal explaining why I was a good candidate to graduate early and my essay was approved. I graduated a semester early and could not have been happier. Once I left high school, I went out and I got a job working at the local Food Lion grocery store making extra money to help out with my college expenses of things I needed to take for my dorm when I left for school. I had my own place at the age of 17, my own car and job I felt like the most independent woman in the world. Occasionally I would go out with friends about every weekend to party because I was still young and at the time a lot of that was still on my mind. After about 4 months or so I walked across the stage with my graduating class of 2003. I finally had my high school diploma and was going to be on my way off to school. At the time I did not want to leave to go to college right away so I decided to take college courses at the community college to get ahead. In the midst of it all I was working so much I let my job get the best of me so I started getting really bad grades in the community college. I decided to take a break from school at the time and focus on getting my money together so that I was able to go off to college within the year. I received a better job offer at Lowes Home Improvement making about a dollar more so I left Food lion and started a new career over at Lowe’s as a customer service representative. I loved my job, I was making more money so that mean more savings. I met a guy that I really liked at the time, we starting dating and we were actually both going to attend Elizabeth State University within the New Year. At the time I had no idea I was pregnant did not find out until I went and got a routine checkup from the doctor. This was about 5 months before I was scheduled to go off to school so of course I was unable to go and ended up having my first son in July of 2005. I feel like as a teenager I did a lot of things that I could have altered in order to change the way of my success but sometimes you live and learn and you mold from your mistakes which makes you a better person. In the book it says although the physical and mental changes in human beings are most obvious from birth to early adulthood, change