Essay On Air Pollution

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From the early 1900s, the most obvious sign, that human started to use coal. That was the phenomenon of "fog smog" and the amount of CO2 accumulated in the air, which was in the process of boiling water to run the machine. Humans have created CO2 that exceeds the capacity of the air.
The decline in air quality in cities, which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, and acute respiratory illness. According to GENEVA - A study has shown that more than 80% of urban residents suffer from high levels of air pollution up to alarming levels. This has caused about 7 million deaths each year in the world. In recent years, it has been shown that patients with respiratory infections are the highest in the world due to the toxic effects of air pollution. According to WHO warned that air quality is declining in cities, increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, and acute respiratory illnesses such as asthma.
Fossil fuel combustion, exhaust gases from factories and industry, that is caused by micronutrients, such as
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Clean air, less dust and moisture, the ion is light. The ratio of light to heavy ion is lower, indicating the level of heavy air pollution today. In cities, the population is concentrated, the factory. High pollution causes less light-ion. It is only about 400 ions / ml. In rural areas, the ion content is slightly higher, with 2,000 ionic / ml air. Light-ions deficiency will be tired, sleepy. Light ion has a good therapeutic effect, with 20,000 ionic air volumes per milliliter, it will have good effects on the nervous system and high blood pressure, asthma, allergies and endocrine disease. In addition, people living in areas with heavy air pollution are more susceptible to stomach and intestinal problems, diarrhea caused by food sources, food