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Air pollution is a big problem and is a cause that you should stand up for. There are many companies who support this cause and think it should be dealt contact any and join fight air pollution. There are so many people and companies that really care about the air that we breathe in and if you’re like me and all you want to do is be part of those people that care well then go on and get started. Anyways air pollution comes from anything and everything but mostly from burning fossil fuels and other stuff. I think I discussed this topic before but if I didn't then keep your eyes open.

Air pollution not only affects our health but also it cause many disease that most of us know of and don't want to get some are cancer, respiratory diseases, and more serious and dangerous diseases.

So if we are fighting air pollution then lets fight it knowing that not are we saving other people and our environment but we are also saving our self's from the many disease it causes.

I’d like to say save the rain forest, save your environment, your community, your people and most of all save yourself. :)

Be The Change

We are losing our oxygen, our environment, our planet, our world. We are dying every second we take a tree.

Tree's are being cut down and the more trees that are cut the sooner we lose oxygen, tree's provide much of the oxygen we breath and essential habitat for animals so we are endangering the animals, and ourselves. We are killing without knowing. did you hear the saying (plant today to live tomorrow) Well then take action don't just sit around waiting for