Air and Pollution Essay

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Air and Water Pollution Air and water pollution is something that effect and cause harm to humans and to the environment. The primary pollution is a direct source of contamination such as volcanic ash or vehicle emissions. Second pollutant forms when two pollutants react in the atmosphere such as acid rain. Air pollution comes from events people create, such as burning fuels, natural gas, and oil from powering industrial manufactures and motor vehicles. There are many types of harmful chemical substances that pollute the atmosphere. Among the many types of air pollutants are carbon dioxide and monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and small particles including lead from gasoline additives called particulates. Examples of natural resources are forest fires that produce particles and chemicals into the atmosphere. When a volcano erupts, sulfur dioxide and large amounts of pulverized lava rock known as volcanic ash can cause the sky to darken a wide area and affect the earth’s entire atmosphere. Unlike pollutants created by human activity, natural pollutants will remain for a short time in the atmosphere but do not lead to a permanent atmospheric change. When pollutants in the atmosphere go through chemical reactions it produces additional harmful compounds. Air pollution changes when weather patterns are trap in the valleys and damage the environment far from the original source. The greenhouse effect is when gases hits the sun light but tend to reflect back and the heat that is radiated from the ground below, trapping heat in the earth atmosphere. Though pollutants come from natural resources, the biggest are from power plants and automobiles. Today, 90 percent of air pollution is from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (D. Stanley Eitzen, 2008). Overall the greenhouse gasses have a large effect on earth. Ocean levels can go up due to water expansion which the city coast will be flooded. Animals, plants and humans will unable to tolerate the heat and will be replace by heat tolerant species. Air pollution is controlled by reducing pollutants that are from the source such as factories, cars and the rapid growth of causes. Smog around the cities is expected to worsen as the number of cars being driven increases. In the meantime, threatening changes will continue in the global atmosphere if no changes occur. As long as people continue to create pollution, a new effort to control pollution is required. The first contributing factor of the water pollution is point sources, such as industrial and agricultural works which use many different chemicals that can pollute water. The main point source that cause of pollution is industry factories, where produces the chemical waste, such as acidity, ammonia and heavy metals. The acidity was cause by