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And many other life-threatening consequences.

So, what's happening right now? Global warming has caused a 1 degree Celsius increase in average global temperature since 1880. This does not seem like a very high increase considering the time period however, due to the increase in the percentage of greenhouse gases because of industrialization and pollution, scientists expect the average global temperature to go up about 1.4 – 5.8 degrees Celsius by 2100, and the sea level to rise 15 – 95 centimeters. Experts also expect the Arctic Ocean to have ice-free summers by 2040, or earlier.

Other effects of global warming include polar bears and other organisms that live in cold temperatures suffering from a sea-ice loss. A certain species of Penguins has become endangered because global warming has caused a 22% decrease in their population. At least 70 species of frogs have gone extinct as a result of global warming. The number of Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh is projected to decrease as a result of rising sea levels. Apart from that, the hurricanes we are seeing are a direct result of climate change which is something that's caused due to global warming.

So… what can we do to prevent or decrease global warming? One obvious way of decreasing the effect of global warming is by drastically cutting down on the greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of CO2 that is being produced by burning fossil fuels or by factory activities or processes is more than the amount of carbon dioxide that is being used up by plants. So, the lesser the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, the lesser the green house effect will be. By planting more trees and reducing deforestation, we can effectively get rid of the existing CO2 present in the atmosphere.

If we use alternatives sources of energy instead of fossil