Essay On College Tuition Should Be Free

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Have you ever thought college tuition should be free? Have you ever thought it would benefit the nation or your own community if it were free? These are questions that are often the topic of discussion when it comes to enrolling into college. Some people may believe they can’t go to a college due to the price of it. In an article by Jacobs called Free College Tuition… He explains how taxpayers should not be required to pay for college tuition when they already pay for schooling for grades K-12. Another argument is about joining the military which is a guarantee for free college tuition if you join (2016). Some people may agree with the fact that college tuition shouldn’t be free they believe college should not be handed to everyone for free there should be requirements and reasons why people deserve to get their college tuition paid for. But, even though there is debate to whether college tuition should be free or not there are a few reasons people believe college tuition shouldn't be free such as: taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it and the GI Bill shouldn't be used just to get a free college education. Over the past several years the price for education has increased. For grades K-12 schooling has …show more content…
Many people believe it shouldn’t be free due to having to take additional money from taxpayers to pay for the tuition and due to people joining the military just to take advantage of the GI Bill. This issue prompts strong claims towards whether college tuition should be free and whether the weakening economy should punish the less fortunate who can’t afford to go to college and get a degree. This issue has been a discussion for many years and it will continue being an issue for many more years to come due to. So, do you believe college tuition should be free? Do you believe this argument should be a bigger topic put forth for discussion around the