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Essay Based on the documentary 'Super Size Me', the main issue that is revolving around the entire film is 'Obesity'. Apparently, the film does not only concentrate on discussing that particular topic; it also manipulates the symbolic, audio and technical codes by using the conventions of animation, dialogue and close-up shots. This smart technique is mainly used in changing our beliefs towards the main problem and to also convince us to support the director's point of view, in this case, to be against McDonalds. First of all, the usage of symbolic codes through animation not only shows us the extent of obesity and its aftermath, but it is also used to persuade us in altering our previous beliefs. Around the first half of the film, there was an animation which had shown the number of diseases that an obese person would suffer from. Based on the animation, the director's motive was to influence us into assuming that diseases are only contracted as a result of being obese. However, this animation is highly exaggerated . The director is implying that these diseases are all obesity-related, which is obviously not true. Diabetes can be a genetic disease that has been contracted since birth and a stroke can be the result of a seizure. This shows that the director is manipulating us to think that obesity directly leads to diseases, so that we would not consume or purchase fast food. Secondly, the audio conventions of dialogue not only shows us the concept of obesity, but it also convinces us to change our previous perspectives. Around Day 21 of Spurlock's McDonalds' Diet, his internist, Dr Daryl Isaacs, had stated that "My advice for you is to stop what you are doing. It's hurting you." The director is apparently using this scene to convince us to presume that the aftermath of eating fast food for a long period of time is extremely bad for our health. The purpose of this dialogue that is displayed in the documentary was to make us feel surprised and worried. Based on what we have heard, the director expects us to be surprised at the fact that fast food causes so much harm and damage to our body and also to be worried about our health since we do actually consume fast food. This makes us avoid fast food, mainly McDonalds, resulting in the loss of profit in the McDonalds industry. This is beneficial to the director as he manages to convert our love of McDonalds to hatred. From this, we can see how the director is actually changing our mindset of fast food. Thirdly, the portrayal of close-up shots through technical codes not shows us the notion of obesity, but it also coax us into modifying our previous beliefs. During Day 2, Spurlock had his first Super Size meal.…