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Ethics Project

Ethics is a system of moral principles of conduct governing an individual or a group. This can basically be defined as the difference between right and wrong behavior. Ethics cannot be categorized as one simple definition though. Many people have their own meaning of ethics. Many people find their actions as good ethical behavior, and who is to say it is not? You cannot change how people view their own actions but when it comes to others there is always a fine line between morally correct and incorrect. So, ethics is usually a biased subject. There is no way to find a completely neutral idea of ethics. So there is not a way to suggest what good ethics is and what bad ethics is. The moral philosophy or, ethics, involves systemizing, defending and recommending concepts of good and bad behavior. Three general subjects of ethics have arisen. They are metaethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. These ethical concepts can be described as levels of ethics in all of us. Metaethics is the meaning and moral propositions of how values can be determined. Normative ethics is the means of determining a moral course of action. Applied ethics is how moral outcomes can be achieved. These are the idea of ethics broken down into smaller sections to make ethics more easily defined. My opinion of ethics is just as easy as doing the right thing. I know there are times when making the morally right decision is truly difficult and the easy way out is making the wrong decision. These are both ethical behavior but I like to stay on the morally correct side as much as I can. I believe that making the right decision can make you grow and mature as a person. A person that has bad ethics is close to losing their humanity. Having humanity is what makes us human. So ethical behavior is a very important subject to how we grow as a person, community and nation. There is nothing more ethical than the safety of people and nothing jeopardizes that safety more than radioactive materials. All radioactive materials from weapons to waste have an effect on people. In the Wall Street Journal, an article, “Waste-Plant Dispute Builds” is all about the safety precautions and waste management of radioactive materials at a specific site. In the article, it discusses the Hanford site in the southeastern part of Washington State. This site is used to produce plutonium for atomic weapons and this included the Fat Man bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki during World War II. This has turned the site into one of the most radioactive areas in the U.S. The DOE, the Environmental Protection Agency and the state set out to clean it. The waste plant is set to start operating in 2022. The plant will process millions of radioactive and chemical waste. The waste will be turned into glass logs which makes it less likely to spread through the environment. The plant is expected to operate for 40 years. The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant have caused controversy for years and managers have raised concerns about the design. There are hopes to remain on schedule to start operation in 2022 I have learned that one wrong decision could affect many lives. This is where good ethical behavior is necessary for human safety. The harmful chemicals in the Waste and Immobilization Plant could do serious damage if the certain precautions aren’t taken. We entrust our safety to people who we hope have good ethics and that may not always be the truth. These officials could easily make a bad decision and it could cost lives. So ethics is in everything. It could be as simple as doing homework or dealing with the proper waste management of radioactive materials. If we do not make the right ethical decision, it could mean trouble for anyone and everyone. This is critical for the safety of yourself and for the nation as a whole to live safely. Decisions will affect us more drastically as we get older. We are constantly faced with decisions every day. We must choose