Ethnography Paper

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Ethnography Paper
This is my first time that I come to New York, so I am curious about many things in this new place, such as the famous resorts, and the people here. As we know, the Times Square is very famous in New York. When I was in China, I hope I can visit Times Square, because I saw Times Square was very great in some of the opening of American series. Now, I am in New York, and I have enough chances to visit Times Square whenever I want. In there, it gives me a new horizon to understand the culture that is different from China.

I have been to Times Square for two times, and I have a very deep impression on it. It locates in the interchange of Manhattan 42 west street and Broadway avenue. It is interesting that Times Square is
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In addition, I find that the United States is a diverse society. It welcomes all the people that come from every corner of the world, ignoring the races and ages. In Times Square, you can find there are different kinds of people with different races and colors, and they all have a good time. In this nowadays’ United States, everyone is equal, and there is no discrimination, so all the people can play together and have a happy time in their life. Most people in the world prefer to have a chance to come to the United States, because not only it is a prosperous country, but also it is equal to everyone. As a result, all the people feel comfortable here. Through observing the people in Times Square, I find that even the old people have the passion toward the life. In other countries, like in China, elderly do not prefer to join activities in a busy area. In the contrast, the old people in America still have the energy to join the activities and live a life that they want. In New York, everyone is very happy, and I can feel their happiness in their heart, from their expressions and actions. It is obvious that America is a good country that welcomes everyone in different countries.

From the interaction of the people in Times Square, I find that Americans are very friendly to all the people, even though they do not recognize. The staffs there are very kind to provide the help, when the tourists meet some difficulties. The