Events Of 1860 To 1861

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Events of 1860-May 1861 The start of this time period was the election of 1860. The Democrats had two different parties with separate goals; Douglas Democrats & Free Eaters Democrats. The Douglas Democrats nominated Stephen A. Douglas which in fact was a racist, and wanted popular sovereignty. The Free Eaters on the other hand nominated themselves, demanded slavery expansion, and often talked about secession. The constitutional union party has a vague compromise on slavery and has made it very clear about their strong beliefs in unionism. The republican Party, (Abraham Lincoln) , were free soilers meaning anti slavery. They were also free labor party, meaning believed that slavery was economically Unproductive. The conclusion of the different parties and democrats was there was no more Whig parties, meaning people were shifting parties, and Lincoln got elected by electoral college, having 40% of the votes. Another major event in this section was when only the deep south states seceded right before Lincoln was sworn into office. Their reasoning was the fact that they were 100% for slavery and felt like the government should have been as well, they were scared of republicans and they felt like God was on their side. Surprisingly not 100% of southerners seceding (very small amount) due to Lincoln truly hasn’t done anything yet, and the fact of them knowing Lincoln would be checked and balanced. Directly after Lincoln is sworn in, the first battle at Fort Sumter happens.