Exercise: Weight Loss and Exercise Essay

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Essay Lesson II

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body, but just like everything else, exercise has both pros and cons. Just like exercise can be really good for your health, your body and your brain, exercise can also affect your life specially when doing exercise in excess.
You know that exercise is good for you, but do you really know just how good exercise is? Exercise does not only help you improve your health and keep your body strong, exercise is also the perfect way to lose weight or maintain weigh under control as well as increasing your muscles. These facts make exercise the key to having a fit and healthy body, but exercising is not just good for your body it is also for your brain.
Have you ever hear someone say “a healthy body hosts a healthy mind”? Well this is true, exercise does not just help you have a healthy body but it also helps your brain work faster. Doing as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can keep your body healthy and improve your learning and mental performance. Exercising is also a great way to o blow off some steam after a stressful day helping to improve your mood and feel happier. Despite its various benefits, exercise also has its downsides.
While there are many medical benefits to exercise, there are also drawbacks, such as the sacrifice of time and energy as well as money. When exercising you need to dedicate a constant amount of time to your workouts each week, which can be especially hard for persons who have a family or a career and don’t have enough time to exercise. Not only your free time will be compromised, but also your wallet can take a serious blow because exercise can be expensive especially if you are planning on buying your own equipment or joining a gym.…