Expression: Art and Visual Art Essay

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To Express is To Live
General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: to persuade the audience to openly express themselves through visual art, poetry, and music.
Thesis Statement: today we will persuade you to express yourself through a form of art such as: Visual art, Poetry, or Music.
I. Attention Getter: open with musical play, a poem, visual art
II. Relevancy Statement: people may think that they already express themselves through art by writing and visual art, but expressing it openly and frequently, may help you in a way
III. Credibility Statement: According to Margaret C. Boulay, from University of Oregon “Arts as a communication medium can increase awareness, present new perspectives, challenge perceptions, provoke reactions and stimulate dialogue”.
IV. Thesis: today we will persuade you to express yourself through a form of art such as: visual art, Poetry, or Music.
Preview of Main Points: Openly expressing through these arts can be therapeutic; it can spread the influence of the arts, you may find a passion in yourself you never knew you had, and expression through these arts can help connect us to one another.
Transition: Open expression through any of these arts can be therapeutic to those who have lost the means to express themselves.

MP1: Open expression through the arts can be used as therapy for those who need a way to express themselves.
Sp1: there a millions of people in the world who have lost communication to those around them, with the arts as a way to reach out to them, they can show what they have been thinking, how they feel, and they can even express to their loved ones things they never could express in the past
Sp2: You may ask “who are these people who cannot express themselves?” The elderly, people who have physical impairments, and those who cannot function like they used to. “Art therapists strive to assist people in expressing their unique and valued voice through the creative process”
Sp3: If we look at people who cannot express themselves by their ability instead of their disabilities, they will be more willing to express themselves and find value in their own expression. Finding value in one’s self can therapeutic in itself
People do not want to be identified by what they cannot do, that is a very unfair way to group someone – The “Cans” and the “Cannots”
If everyone in the world where looked at by what they were able to do, then we would live in a very productive world – with everyone able to do a job based on how well they can do.

Sp4: “Art therapy can provide an opportunity for self-expression and introspection, allowing the individual to build on his or her strengths and life experience.” (Chapin 1).

Sp5: In a cancer research study done by Bar-Sela, GilAtid they found that “The main advantage of art therapy for some patients is the creation of an artistic process that allowed them to express themselves without the need for a supporting group”
The patients enjoyed the choice of expression without the need for others approval

Transition: You may already express yourself, however with more expression; spreading the influence of these arts can be very favorable to the community using them.

MP2: Open expression can cause a spread in the influence of all arts, and the good that they bring.

Sp1: The arts touch a large amount of people, helping them see new values on life, experiencing new things, and introducing a new way of communication.

Sp2: Spreading these arts will allow a consciousness in people to be more art oriented, seeing the arts as important instead of seeing it as an ornamental part of society. Without these influences many aspects of our lives would be near impossible
Advertising is done through the use of graphic art
Without the influence of art our phones would possibly still be large, clunky bricks because of the lack of care for aesthetics.
IPods would have no music to download
There would be no