The Human Experience Essay

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Culture and Art
As we study art and the cultures that produce them, we learn so much about the people and their way of life. Understanding the difference between these two and their need for the other creates an understanding of other cultures and ways of life.

Culture is the way a group of people live and think that is passed down to future generations (Benton & DiYanni, 2012, p. 5). The components of a culture can include traditions in daily life and family roles, how holidays are celebrated, how food is prepared, the artistic works created, religious beliefs, and anything else taught to the community’s children.

Art is a method of expression. It serves to capture and retell the values of the artist and his culture. Anything that is in a visual form is considered visual arts. Visual Arts include painting, sculpture, photography, and video. Music is art through the use of singing and/or instruments. Architecture is art in the form of buildings and includes the tiny details of woodwork and design. Literature is the spoken or written word, whether it is a fictional, non-fictional, poetic, parable, or folklore. Many cultures history is in the form of storytelling to younger generations.

The Artist
The role of the artist is to capture an experience, emotion, or history and convey to future generations. Many artists are so influenced by their culture that their art can be identified by the cultural characteristics