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The videos I viewed as a supplement to the other course materials were kind of old which made it somewhat challenging for someone like me to really grasp what they are saying for proper understanding the first time I viewed them. What I did was to create time for myself to watch the videos more than once so I can be able to understand the contents as well as the messages they were trying to pass across to the viewers. I viewed most of the videos via the internet. My experience with streaming videos was exciting apart from the part that I had to view it more than once. The chapter sections were explained which provides more insights to what I read in the textbook. One other interesting aspect of the streaming videos is the graphical nature of some of the contents which serves to drive home the message in a logical way. I made use of the course study guide for the course as a supplement to some of the videos I watched. The study guide provides a practice sections at the end of each chapters which was able to use test my understanding of the chapter after reading the book. One thing I found quite helpful is the way each important sections of the chapters were broken down for ease of study. The outline of the highlights of each chapter provides an easier way for me to understand each lesson better. The essay writing part of the course is interesting because it provides an avenue to discuss what I learnt from some of the chapters in my own view. I believe this practice