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Ensuring safety is also an important aspect of most of the organizations, as it may help them in increasing good will in the market and will also increase their sale. Safety in an organization should always be ensured as any hazard doesn’t require invitation and may occur any time. Hazards could be any type, it could be natural hazard occur due to natural calamities or due to improper facility management.
Organizations should maintain proper SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and HACCP (Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Point) for every department so the staff is well trained and has a good knowledge about safety. The systems in the hotel should be environment compliant and safe which will lead to customer’s satisfaction.
City Central Hotel is located in the heart of Auckland City, within walking distance of the SkyCity Casino/Convention Centre, Aotea Convention/Entertainment Centre, Crown Plaza Convention Centre, St James/Civic Theatres, Vector Arena, Water Front, Museums/Art Gallery centres, Universities, and all major public transport centres.
Ideal for the cost conscious traveller, City Central caters for both business and holiday guests.
When travelling for business, our corporate clients can receive savings between 10 and 30% OFF published rack rates. Application for corporate rates is available through our reservations and sales department. We also take group bookings, email or call us for rates. ( http://www.citycentralhotel.co.nz, 14-6-2012)
The hotel is focused on corporate guests, They have deals for groups or corporate guest who come to Auckland city for some business work.


Public Area:
Foyer: The lobby of the hotel is considerably small. There is an automatic at the hotel entrance followed by a waiting lounge and a reception. The lobby also consist of some chock let vending machine and an information stand where New Zealand related information is available. There are also two big elevators which have access to the parking or the basement as well as to the room floors. The ceiling of the lobby has a nice glass painting in the centre, which looks good when seen but doesn’t match with the ambiance of the lobby
Safety efficient:
There are fire extinguishers and water sprinklers with fire alarms. Anti skid material is used on the entrance steps of the hotel, which helps in providing a good grip to guest while walking. There lobby is well lighted which help in reducing accidents. The elevators have fire safety signages which mention that at the time of fire do not use elevators. There is a phone in each elevator, which could be used in case of fire at the time of emergency.
Environmental Compliance: The reception area has a glass block wall which emits natural day light, So there is no need for artificial light during day and helps in reducing electricity use. The entrance also has a glass door which also emits day light and makes the waiting lounge well lighted. The lobby consist of potted trees which help in looking good as well as freshens the environment. The elevators have florescent tubes which have reflectors at the back which helps in emitting more amount of light in the elevator and helps in reducing use of electricity. Customers Satisfaction: When the customers don’t have to pull or push the door, as it is automated will satisfy guest as they may have some luggage being carried with them and would have become difficult to open doors. At the time of rush or group check inns the guest may be unsatisfied as the waiting area is small.

Restaurant: It is a 54 packs restaurant mainly prepared only for breakfast service.
Safety efficient: Proper exit signage are installed in the restaurant, there are also fire extinguishers installed in corner. The