Family Essay

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The amount of damage inflicted on families due to careers has always been a controversial topic for people these years. There are many differing viewpoints regarding this and in my opinion, I feel that the welfare of the family has indeed been sacrificed in the pursuit of careers.

Firstly, there is less family interaction due to inadequate time spent between parents and children. Parents who are working spend less time with their children unwittingly as they are tied down by their job commitments. For example, some parents still work during weekends and inadvertently overlook the need for quality time with children. As a result, the frequency of family bonding drops and causes individual members of the family to drift apart over time. Research has also shown that the lack of communication between family members is detrimental to the family.

Although the government had implemented the �five day work week� to enable families to spend more time together, it is difficult to check the efficiency of this programme. Some offices do not follow this rule and students may still have to return to school during weekends at times. With schedules clashing, the objective of this programme is not met as both parties are busy.

Secondly, parents may neglect their children to some extent when they are working. They are too occupied by their work to bother about their children thus the lack of care and concern may cause their children to have higher chances of going astray. It is evident that the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing. If parents do not hold a tighter rein to adolescents, they may continue to stay errant. This can be a tiring job to do when parents have other duties on hand.

Although some parents employed maids to look after their children�s welfare but maids are only in charge of their physical well-being and not their emotional state. It is essential for parents to be aware of their children�s actions and guide them to the correct path to prevent recalcitrant behaviour.

Thirdly, there is an absence of family role models when parents spend long hours at work. They reached home late and have limited