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Tatiana Dos Santos
Capstone Project
Family is the most important things we have on earth because it is our best support unit. Part of our purpose here is to have a family. Families should consist of a mother and a father. The father should be a worthy priesthood holder and teach the teachings of the gospel in order to help his children return to our Heavenly Father. A family should spend time together and cultivate their relationships. One important relationship is that the mother and father should be best friends in helping each other with all their needs. They should be kind and loving and set forth good examples to their children such as doing family prayer and family home evening together.

The Atonement of Christ gives us the opportunity to repent for our sins. This means that we can erase wrong doings as well as the pain that comes with them. With the Atonement we can also earn eternal life which means we can escape from spiritual death as well as physical death. Jesus Christ has paid the price for us and paid for all the wrong that we have and will do in our life since we are human If we understand the Atonement, we can be provided with strength because we will know that the price of our burdens have been paid. He has felt our pain is there to help us overcome it.

Agency is the ability to choose. We used our agency in the premortal existence and choose to follow Christ which is why we are here on earth. Our Savior was a perfect example because he used his agency in order to break the chain of sin and death for us. He showed us that when we choose to follow and do the Lord's will agency is preserved and increased and we then progress. With agency we are to act and not be acted upon which means we decided how to feel about certain situations and we decided how to respond to situations. With agency comes consequences to our actions and since we all have agency, how others use it can affect us.

Those who as exposed to pornography lose the companionship of the Holy Ghost because it destroys spirituality which leads to interruption of communication between our Heavenly Father. Pornography also leads to problems between husband and wife because it can impair normal emotions as well as romantic ones with the opposite sex. It is recorded in the brain and always subject to be recalled, drawing you away from the wholesome things in life. Pornography can often times lead to spiritual death. The antidote to remove the horrible images of pornography as well as to remove the guilt is the power of the priesthood.

Charity is the pure love of Christ and love in action. When we serve other we are serving Christ. Christ has shown us with example that we must love one another and help one another. His example was shown even when he must have been tired and pressed upon; he always had time for those who needed his assistance. Life is not perfect for anyone so we should not be judgmental; instead help left each other up. We all have the same purpose and doing our best. We all have different strengths and weaknesses that we could help one another with. If we wish to be true followers of Christ we can start with charity to our brothers and sisters.

Missionary Work
The gospel is a blessing in our life and because we know all the truth and the happiness is brings to our lives we should share it with others. When we are baptized we not only take upon us the name of Christ but we also are accepting that we will share the gospel with others. In preparation to a mission we need to be worthy members and have approval from the Lord and the authorities on earth. That approval should be something we always strive to have even after our missions. Missionary work is for all members to participate in even if not out on the 'mission field'.

Plan of Salvation
If we understand the plan of salvation then whatever goes on in our life (good or bad) will not determine our happiness because