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“Farm Girl”

When reading “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer, I noticed the source of the draft was young adults. I think this because throughout the draft she was explaining her time management skills. This is true simply due because once you are an adult you need to have this skill for about everything you do. If you do not utilize your time management skills it could alter your future and even your personal life. Right now I know I use my time management skills and multi taking well. With working forty plus hours a week, twelve hours of class, and then study time along with a little personal time added in. I know that if I didn’t use these skills I wouldn’t probably have a good job now or even still be working hard towards my degree. The reason I think this is her important point in the draft is because in life you can’t make it very far without being able to utilize those skills. Jessica writes about her life starting as a young girl at the age of ten who is responsible for a lot more work than your average ten-year-old. Jessica really got me hooked in her opening paragraph when she says, “A typical ten-year-old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores!” These sentences made me want to read more so that I can try to put myself in her shoes and realize how tough it would be to work on a farm while balancing school at the same time. She goes on to talk about her vigorous chores that she has to complete before actually going to school with excellent detail. “As soon as we open the door to the basement, we can smell the putrid aroma of cows that has seeped from our clothing into the damp cool air.” This detail helps me make a mental picture to where I feel as if I am actually there. I can smell the cows and feel that damp cool air. When she goes on to talk about breakfast saying, “The delicious smell of smoked bacon and cheese omelets grows more intense with each step.” I love bacon and omelets, and I can just imagine how good that would smell and taste after working as hard as she did on the farm. Jessica makes farm life seem like it would really suck when she talks about how she could never play sports or join clubs and that would make her audience feel sorry for her. I think Hermauer could have a large audience,