Fashion And Being Weird

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Fashion and Being Weird There are many things people categorize as “weird.” But, the most people are criticized of are the way they present themselves in public in a fashion forward way. Every day people are talked about and ridiculed because of their own “personal style.” We live in a world where being “you” is frowned upon although self expression is supposed to be one of the main natural rights of everyone in the U.S and the world. People should feel comfortable enough to express their personalities through the way they dress. In this case, it is a non factor. I’ve experienced criticism because what I happen to put on when I wake up or go out in public is a little “weird.” To be nitpicked and “mugged” by people because I won’t be like the “popular kids” and wear what is “in­style.” I’d rather stand up and stand out. Be different and have people notice you by your attitude and how you present yourself orally, professionally. Don’t be like others and have people forget your name and face as soon as you walk out of a room. Being popular isn’t what gets people through the day. What is the most admirable is a person who won’t fall under peer temptation and risk who they are as a person to be able to
“fit in” with people who have fell victim to what is “cool” and what isn’t. If being yourself is what gets you shunned from the in­crowd, then by all means. Throughout your life, I’ve learned, you shouldn’t live it to please other people. Otherwise, you’ll