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Fast food has influenced the best of us in many ways. Every person in the United States, even around the world, everyone has become exceedingly indolent and we all depend on this indigenous source of food. As we grow up our parents feed us what is now known as “Fast food.” Everyone in the world knows this food is an impediment to our health and how we should be living. People also do not understand what they are consuming when they eat these fast food products. Children of the fast food generation are growing substantially because parents have become so indolent. Life for America is exceedingly easy anymore, mainly because fast food and the techniques that we live by are ameliorated. Fast food is so ubiquitous that when the designated cooker of each family decides they simply don’t want to cook, they simply go out and order fast food because it is not only cheap, but fast to get and convenient. Although do they really know the dire consequences that either an animal or person had to suffer in order for them to get their $20 worth of family food? American consumes more fast food now then they ever had, but the real problem is that no one seems to know what really is in fast food and how it effects our society. Most people would come into the world with little knowledge about what weight is and what we should all think about it. As they mature we all know that body mass is exceedingly important and when people begin to gain the overlooked weight they begin to notice that places like the CDC would say about being obese. Anymore it’s normal to see people who are over weight, but when “over 9 million children” are being shown as obese before they are the age of 20, it is not something to be proud of. When children begin being that obese at that young age “they are more prone to get type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure” and as Americans we all know how serious these small things really are for our health. As children they also have “an 80% of being obese when they are adults and as research has shown that when “obesity begins before the age of 8 adult obesity will be exceptionally more severe.” Unfortunately for most people obesity is hard to get rid of and the lifestyle choices that cause it shape a life time of obesity. Most people would relate obesity to fast food and what food we intake (CDC 1). Consequently for most people who eat fast food they do not understand what it is that they are eating. They do not understand that what they are eating is abused and genetically modified animals. People are not looking into the “genetically modified breast of McDonald’s chicken McNuggets” (Schlosser 140) or the abuse that calves “only a few days old,” (Humane Society 1) will have to endure for our mere eating pleasure. Steroids and growth hormones are unwonted for humans, but most people do not notice that most “bovines are given growth hormones and most people are beginning to ban such practices” (Schlosser 142). Just as animals are abused and used the food we generate from these animals is ameliorated through the past decades people are finding new ways to modify their food with things that are not natural anymore. People are beginning to put certain things like “animal products” (Schlosser 128) in their French fries, things that we believe are just friend potatoes. As Schlosser states in his book Fast Food Nation about the additives that go into our food, we learn of all the added preservatives and unnatural flavor. He goes into depth of the actual way our famous hamburgers get that amazing unpretentious flavor that addicts us all (128-129). We are all in fault of this auspicious way to feed our families everyday. It may seem that this food has become completely tyrannical because fast food inclusively has taken the enjoyment of cooking and being with our families at dinner away from us. Fast food has garnered their reputation through advertising to the children of today. Schlosser researched the