Field Placement Reflection

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Today’s focus will be on a client whom I am working with and continues to be resistant to the treatment process. I have only met with this particular client for three sessions since I began field placement. Throughout this year client has undergone many transitions in the home. Starting from changes in the home dynamic and a birth of a sibling. In this particular case, client becomes easily triggered when negative behaviors are pointed out. He also presents aggression towards peers and daily presents with noncompliance behaviors. Concerns reported by school staff and parents are that client struggles with communicating his need. School staff reports he has no filter as he can be too forthright at times. The client daily is also resistant to …show more content…
Prior to meeting with the client, he had a difficult morning. Therefore, he presented more defiant behavior upon this intern's arrival. The client struggled with participation, as he often lost focus. Client also stated inappropriate comments with no filter. For example, “You are dumb, I hate being here, I’m not going to listen”, and often laughed loud in session. At one point, the client also refused to follow this intern's direction. When the client was to return to class, he instead ran to the playground. Followed by climbing objects and presented unsafe behaviors. At that point client was resistant to my help. Finally, after a while of redirecting him, I was able to help him back to class. I felt this session was unsuccessful as he struggles with listening and resistant to my help. Based on teacher report client had two prior incidents before staff arrival. Client had run out of the classroom and was resistant to staff help. I then concluded, that if I focus mostly on redirecting on client’s negative behaviors, he would continue to escalate defiant behaviors. Then it would be difficult for the client to decrease resistance in treatment with me. Client then would continue to present negative behaviors and this would impact his progress in treatment. Therefore, focusing on his negative behaviors could put in jeopardy his change process. Lastly, I would also continue to fail to develop rapport with this specific client as this was the second time we met. Leading me to conclude that I had to change the way I work with this